Collaborate in Summer 2017...

Latin Scholars and people who love old school mottos might be interested to know that collaborate is two Latin words, col- ‘together’ and laborare ‘to work’.
I’m interested because watching people in classes in the College shows me over and over that working together is something we enjoy and is something we enjoy and is something that produces more than any one person can do alone..
So for all of the convenience and information out there on the internet, text and even rich media are no substitute for actually interacting with other people working together to create and develop.
Laughter echoes when we’re alone in an empty room but amplifies when we are a group sharing new ideas, new skills and new learning.
You can join a group in any of the 300 plus courses in the Summer Program or call us and talk about creating a group or if you are part of an existing group who could develop through training or education.
Call and talk to the College team about what you would like to be collaborating on.

Eric Wright


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