Growing Together …

So our thought for the month has been that people are not machines and teachers are not technicians.
People are actually messy and we’re part of the mess.
Manufacturing and technology thrive on cause, effect and predictability.
Living organic systems however are not so predictable. In fact they’re messy.
What does all this has to do with Community College ?
Everything. Quality outcomes are closely aligned to predictability and the College underpins its quality with the national Standards for Registered Training Organisations.
At the same time students are people and education is a part of our growth.
Our best teachers are those who deliver that quality with an eye on your growth and the College lives and breathes organically to nurture that.
Without even beginning to talk of the growth that comes from being with like minded people let me invite you to take a step and Grow Together at Community College.

Eric Wright

The Autumn 2019 Program Brochure is here now here to download as a pdf document and is the most up to date guide to learning at the College.



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