Freshen Up with …

Unboxing something new, discovering a new place to visit or watching the premiere of new series are almost always refreshing.
So it is also with learning. When we approach a new subject, seek out new ideas or develop new skills we can encounter that freshness.
All it takes is to step forward and act on the idea that one of the courses in this program will bring something new to you that you haven’t known or been able to do before.
Whether its the arts, lifestyle, health, business, the digital space or living skills there a programs between these covers that can freshen up your Spring.
If your interest is music there is a new group tuition program in collaboration with Stormer Music.
If you own or work for a small business (20 or less employees) we have available new support from the NSW Government to provide training for you and your staff.
Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of the warmer nights before the busy end of year.

Eric Wright

News Update !

We've added a great new School Holiday program. Get the flyer here.

Less than 20 employers or $2 million turnover ? Check out the Tech Savvy Small Business Program for NSW Government funded training places in the College's programs at the Centre for Office Productivity.


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