Learning for Life . . .

While the concept of lifelong learning has been around since the early 1960s, and life-wide learning in more recent years has been added, increasingly the College’s essential nature, creating lifelong, lifewide, learning communities has been front of mind this year and needed in so many ways.
If you are seeking work or an Employment Service provider, supporting those seeking work, the College has Job Search skills, short skills courses and qualifications.
As the boundaries of home and work have blurred, skills for a creative life, home life and a place meet like minded people is as important as ever.
The transformation of our face to face life to digital augmentation reinforces the need for digital literacies for the digital life.
The risk of many being left behind, as the world changes, is well documented and the College’s Life Skills in Language, Literacy and Numeracy are a safe place to grow in competence and develop.
Lastly there are new skills for the work place in small groups, trainer led or online.
The need for our community is acute and our need to learn throughout life is clearer than ever before.
Learning for life is in one way learning for living.
At the same time the College’s hope is that across your life at any age, you will find in these pages the opportunity to become part of the lifelong learning community the College creates.

Eric Wright,


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