Content, Coaching and Community …

The world has changed around us and with it has arrived over six months of lurking uncertainty, working from home and changed social lives.
The College has been evolving its understanding of what learning means in the current environment.
The program may be smaller in the number of subjects in one way, but has developed greater variety, in another.
Most importantly it has been working towards blending face to face learning with self directed online programs.
Three essential elements in learning have emerged that the College has in focus.
Content. More than ever quality content is needed whether it is delivered face to face or online. It is a foundation for learning.
Coaching. If anything the surge in online learning has shown its limitations. Coaching is not always about sport, life skills or business. Like Content it is foundational to the relationship of teachers and learners. Connecting teachers with students is core business for the College whether class is in a building or cyberspace.
Community. Content and coaching lack one ingredient that nurtures learning and it is one ingredient that is more difficult today than a year ago. In coming months through the Spring and Summer programs at the College you will find more options to join communities of learners and share the joy of accomplishing new skills, acquiring knowledge and expertise.
So welcome to the new emerging education and training options of the Spring 2020 Program.

Eric Wright,


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