Stay At Home Orders Temporary Closure …

The College’s plans at this time are to open and commence programs as advertised on the 25th July with its COVIDSafe Plan in place to ensure everyone can learn, teach, work and visit the College with confidence.
Having said that it’s clear that the end of the Stay At Home Orders is uncertain as the virus moves through the community.
If the Stay At Home Orders are extended the College’s programs will adjust accordingly with postponed start dates, later end dates, refunds of weeks missed where they can’t be postponed and moving program on-line where possible.
Our commitment is to continue to provide opportunities to learn and grow through this difficult time.

You can download the Winter Program here or search courses here
You can enrol using the electronic Registration Form on this page.
Or call on 02 4724 9000 from 9 to 5 or leave a message after hours.
Or email reception@ncc.nsw.edu.au  

Looking forward to seeing you then. In the meantime read on...

Unwind With.... 

Looking back over many years the College has been concerned with much more than ‘just courses’ and the stereotypical slur of providing for the basket weavers of the world.
With a focus on discovery learning, community and belonging it has always had an eye to community wellbeing.
Recent conversations seem to get around to the sense that at one level things are returning normal but at another there’s something not quite right and we just can’t put a finger on what it is.
There’s a sense that the norm is chronic uncertainty and with it an undercurrent of persistent low level stress.
In this environment the opportunity to unwind becomes all the more important and looking across the College’s Winter Program there are multiple ways to do that.
Unwind through arts and crafts with quiet focussed time and the support from others each week in class.
Unwind with creative writing to tell your story and the strength in sharing it with others.
Unwind with the sense of mastery with digital skills.
Unwind with the joy of the sound of your own voice expressing yourself in a new language
Unwind with confidence in gaining skills for work and Nationally Recognised Qualifications.
Unwind with learning at your own speed in Online Learning programs.
All these here in the Winter Program and are only a phone call away. It may not change the world around us but can certainly change the world within us for a while along the way.

Eric Wright,


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