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Digital Disruption appears at every turn as the end of the first decade of the 21st Century draws near. In education it is described variously as democratising teaching and learning or as anarchy.
Yet education and training are more than the transmission of information. Just as technology is yet to produce digital food, there are things about education and learning that aren’t so easily reduced.
As we discuss adult education in the digital age and survey the College it is clear that the College provides something more.
To borrow from the audio industry, analog and vinyl is the choice for audiophiles but the reason is the intangible difference between bits and continuous wave forms.
The experience of people together in classrooms is like educational food. The interactions between people have intangible qualities that are more than the exchange of information.
Education and training in small groups then is an experience and that experience is in community.
Every year over a thousand people participate in the hundreds of small communities created in the College.
In 2018 there are new communities waiting for you here in the Summer Program. Why not take the opportunity to have a richer educational experience.

Eric Wright

News Update !

Less than 20 employers or $2 million turnover ?
Check out the Tech Savvy Small Business Program for NSW Government funded training places in the College's programs at the Centre for Office Productivity.


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