The Wayfinder Program, National Skills Week and Skilling From Home...

The College is by no means to the first to think of the idea of a Way Finder but there is probably no better way to describe what’s on offer if you are thinking about your future or or thinking about coping better now.
With the support of the NSW Government Skilling From Home Program and Adult and Community Education Program the College is pleased to be able to bring a suite of short courses and full qualification programs to increase your skills online while we are staying close to home alongside programs to support your mental health, meet with others and develop your creative expression. You can explore what’s on offer here National Skills Week and Online Learning 

You can explore the Wayfinder Program here. 
Download the Registration Form on this page.
Or call on 02 4724 9000 from 9 to 5 or leave a message after hours.
Or email reception@ncc.nsw.edu.au  

Have a good day and hope we can inspire you to find a way forward on your life long learning journey.

Eric Wright,


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