Kick Start Your New Year…

Kick start is one of those terms based on retro technology that has been repurposed with a modern meaning.
In an age where engines come to life at the press of a button kick starters are becoming rare.
But with no electric motor it’s interesting to reflect on the origin of the term and what we were doing then to kick start our machines.
Three things were needed.
• We needed to apply an effort.
• We needed a purpose
• and we generally needed a direction we were going to head in.
In reality they happen in the reverse order and we can apply them to learning.
So if you think about a direction you want to take this year and you want to act on it take a moment to read through the program.
Add that bit of effort to register and attend and you can kick start your year and be rewarded with joining a community of like-minded people and someone who’s been there to share their skills.

Eric Wright,

The Summer 2020 Program Brochure is here now here to download as a pdf document and is the most up to date guide to learning at the College.

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