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We live in an economy built on information and are seeing the emergence of information overload where any topic is treated to a myriad of fleeting details.
That myriad of detail is like fast food for the information age and like fast food is digested quickly leaving you hungry sooner.
It is also like a surface you rarely see below.
So it is that I invite you to dive deeper into both the things that interest you and also to look a bit below the surface of Community College.
In these pages are numerous opportunities to not only absorb information but to explore and interact with other people diving deeper.
Also, diving deeper into Community College reveals some things don’t live in a catalog.
290 Sudanese women have passed through the English Language program the College runs at Mamre Farm.
277 individual people with intellectual disabilities have been taught Reading and Writing for adults, in the last six years.
1,409 people over 60 have learnt to deal with technology.
817 people from companies have utilised the College for training.
Purchasing training with NCC is an investment in your community with all profits reinvested in programs locally.
The College is a network of trainers. It designs for social inclusion on a needs basis or can send a trainer to your business to meet your company’s need.

Eric Wright


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