January 22nd 2019 Update…

We are opeing the doors tomorrow !

If you want to access the office today there is a door bell on the right of the door and some one will come out to meet you.

The Summer 2019 Program is now available here to download as a pdf document or search here on the site in the Courses menu.

If you would like to contact the college email is functioning and principal@ncc.nsw.edu.au will be monitored.

Phones are back up and phone enrolment is possible along with email enrolments.

Apologies for any inconvenience, stay tuned and best wishes for the New Year.


Share the Joys of Learning…

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Sudanese women’s awards celebration at the Mamre Farm program.
A story was told that I had heard before but I was struck by the realisation that the joy in the story was not in its novelty but in the participation of all the women in the room in the telling.
With that came the recognition that this is close to what Community College does everyday.
For thirty years it has built on the foundation of people connecting and experiencing the joy of sharing learning.
This is reflected in the feedback students leave like:
“Informative creative learning experience-friendly” - Sewing All About The Basics
“Opportunity to learn by observing other peoples projects.” - Upholstery
“Friendliness and energy” - Facebook for Business
So why not share in the joy so many experience at the College or call us about bringing it to your company or service designing the experience to your needs.

Eric Wright



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