Leaving Lockdown . . .

If you’re reading this you are most likely someone who knows the College or has had the pleasure of discovering life long learning.
Now for only the second time in thirty three years the College is not printing its quarterly program of learning opportunities.
At the same time four months of Stay At Home Orders are being wound back and we are leaving lockdown.
In preparing the program the College has been very mindful that leaving lockdown means different things for different people both in their circumstances and their outlook.
Not everyone is able or ready to return to face to face programs and even for those who can there is optimism and nervousness at the same time.
So let me introduce to the Summer 2021 Program.
We have the Online Learning Communities program designed to provide the opportunity to explore and master new skills with like-minded others in online communities with regular meetings. For anyone affected by the four months of lockdown, these are FEE FREE programs with the support of the NSW Government and are a bridge to meeting each other in person in class in the new year.
We have an online Self Directed professional development program. If you’re leaving lockdown with an uncertain future these are self paced, supported by our trainers and including Nationally Recognised Accredited programs.
Lastly we have the Stepping Out Stepping In program for 2021 School Leavers. Leaving school has been described as exciting and uncertain at the same time. This program provides a suite of online self directed programs with trainer support in employment focused skill sets to give school leavers the confidence and vocational readiness to take that step out. Again with the support of the NSW Government these are FEE FREE.
Confidence, competence and community. The College is excited to make these opportunities available. We are looking forward to you joining us now and seeing you in the New Year.

Eric Wright,


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