Be A Part…

Just recently we were asking ourselves a question about how the College connects its business training in the Centre for Office Productivity to the Community College program of arts, health and other courses.
In particular how the College is an invitation to Be A Part of a life long and life wide learning community in the Penrith and Blue Mountains area.
The answer was two fold.
First, whether it’s joining a class to learn a language, develop artistic skills or get to grips with Word, you are joining a community of like minded people seeking the same goal.
The second answer was more intriguing.
From a development point of view the College courses build people’s skills. Building people’s skills builds businesses and in turn businesses build community. Different path but same destination.
So whether you are thinking about your business or looking to learn for yourself its good to know that beyond today you become a part of the learning communities of Penrith and the Blue Mountains.

Eric Wright



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