Learning In Community . . .

It’s heart warming to see people returning to classes after the disruption of the last three years with Covid-19.

Hearing what happens in a classroom each week is a great reminder of one of the many things that sustains our wellbeing and that has been missing for a while.

That incidental learning and sharing that happens when you put a group of people that have a common interest together.

That simple greeting of “Good morning how are you ? ” as people greet each other in the room.

That sharing what didn’t work last week in everyone’s struggle to get a grip on the digital skills needed every day.

Or the encouragement to keep going over lunch after class in some health related course.

Or simply that incidental learning about living, its challenges and successes in conversation during craft or art classes while the works progress.

Or navigating everyday life in language and literacy classes knowing that other people in the room are living, breathing and sharing your journey.

These are things the digital world, limited to short snippets of text; faces in boxes like the Brady Bunch credits; one directional video monologues from a presenter or even some forms of interactive learning can’t reproduce.

These are things that live in the silences between instruction and production, between trial and error that bind people with common purpose to what are sometimes life long interests and community.

These are things that you’ll find in the College’s classrooms week by week that are not easily found in the digital space.

With Covid-19 fading in the distance now you can join a Community College class and take your learning one step further in community this Autumn.

Eric Wright,

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