Reach For Learning …

You can reach to touch, reach to grasp and reach to hold. In every case reaching to bring something closer.
Reaching is also one of the most primitive things we do as new borns reaching for their mother and it’s central to Michelangelo’s famous portrayal of Adam in the Sistine Chapel.
Yet it’s also true that every time someone makes a decision to join a class they are reaching for learning. Even more so at every stage in a course whether it’s reaching for a computer mouse, reaching to stretch in yoga, reaching for a colour or reaching out to another member of the group in discussion we are reaching for learning and that initial decision to reach out to learn starts an ongoing grasping of knowledge, skills and expertise.
The College’s tutors understand this. They in turn have reached out to the College to share the skills they have and when you reach for that colour, stretch or technique they are there to meet you.
The College staff are also ready to meet you and if you are part of an organisation that is reaching talk to us about how.

Eric Wright


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