Walk With . . .

One by-product of the stay at home orders has been the rise of walking on a regular basis. Seeing the number of people who now regularly walk has led me to reflect on how it works and the many parallels with learning at the College.
Walking sets time aside.
Walking sets time to reflect.
Walking with podcasts and audio books is people seeking and learning and sharing.
Walking is a regular journey with a start and end.
Walking is sometimes in company and sometimes alone.
Across each of these Community College has been offering these opportunities for over 30 years.
Learning at the College is time set aside.
Learning is time to reflect.
Learning is time for new information and sharing.
Taking a course is time to take a regular journey.
Taking that journey is sometimes with others or sometimes alone.
Altogether the courses in this program provide you with numerous opportunities to take another kind of walk with Community College.
Why not add to your “post” pandemic routines ?

Eric Wright,

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