Revive and Recover. . .

We launch in to 2022 determined on the one hand to put 2021 behind us and on the other hand a bit tentative about being out and about.
At the same time...
In thinking about the Summer 2022 Program we were mindful that people have been impacted over the last six months in many different ways and have tried to reflect that in the program.
If you are wanting to be with others in small groups and explore your creativity look at our arts and crafts.
If you have had time to reflect and want to express yourself there are teachers ready to guide you.
If you’re tired of trying to teach yourself digital skills and want to interact with others and your teacher look at the Digital Life Program.
If you’re not working and want to find a way back in or looking at change the Working Life and Summer Skills are a small investment of time and supported by the NSW Government to make available a program of fee free accredited training.
If you’re feeling the need to connect with others for better health and mental wellbeing there are opportunities in these pages.
If talking is your thing and one language is not enough or your looking to resume those travel plans in 2022 step into a Multilingual Life.
If the time has come to address some of those fundamental skills to navigate the world of words and numbers have a look at the Life Skills programs.
Lastly whether its face to face or online is your new normal both options are available.
So we hope there’s something here for you to revive and recover in 2022..

Eric Wright,


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