What some students have found they can do……

Bronwyn on MYOB

I really wanted to get a look at MYOB to get an idea of how difficult or easy it would be to master, these two days gave me a good idea of how much is involved. Very patient, very good with explaining correct use - it was excellent having an instructor with such extensive MYOB skillls.

Jo on Italian Regional Cooking

The fun atmosphere, the people, the food and the helpful tips given on cooking.

Fran on Belly Dancing

Freedom, socialising, energy, exercising and fun

Sharon on Bookeeping

The course offers a simple and concise way of understanding bookkeeping - helpful to everyone regardless of their profession. Pauline provides a simple and easy to understand way/method of learning bookkeeping. Her knowledge of the course content is excellent.

Kylie on Word and Excel Introduction

It was great. I had used excel and word before but I learnt a lot and each thing we learnt Bill would give us examples of how we could apply these to everyday work.

Floristry - Flower Arranging

The efficiency and speed in demonstrating how things were to be done, leaving plenty of time for assisting the pupil. Totally stress free - relaxing and fun. The tutor was Jovial and thoroughly knowledgeable - left no stone unturned.

Helen on Guitar

I’ve learnt heaps more than I ever thought was possible. High expectations, encouragement and sound teaching practice.

Walter on Chinese

[teh tutor's] enthusiastic teaching method, humble manner and commitment to his students. Taught very practical communication skills and extremely interesting historical and cultural facts. He was an honour to be priviledged to be taught by such a gifted and talented teacher.

Edyta on German

Great course for beginners - not too overwhelming or difficult. The tutors vast knowledgee of German and the countries that speak the language - breaks up the monotony of just learning with some interesting facts.



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