What some students have found they can do……


Ruth on ART : Drawing, Painting and Watercolour

2 hours of being immersed in technique, very engaging. A nice social activity. Very open ended.

Jacinta on Write Your Personal Story

The tutor had a great style, open and encouraging, great stories from experience.

Fran on Belly Dancing

Freedom, socialising, energy, exercising and fun

John on Computers : Beginners

What I liked most. I gained an increased understanding of functions, and applications of personal computers.

Kylie on Word and Excel Introduction

It was great. I had used excel and word before but I learnt a lot and each thing we learnt Bill would give us examples of how we could apply these to everyday work.

Richard on Tai Chi

What I liked most was the tutor. His ability to explain complex movements, and keep it at a pace that everyone.

Louise on Tai Chi

Supportive, flexible, meeting individual student needs.

French Beginners

Jeannine provided a safe, enjoyable environment for us to learn.

Tuula on German Beginners

The lighthearted atmosphere, the games, the music.

Debbie on Come Alive With Colour

Wendy’s personality, style, expertise + materials. Esp. colour swatches and fabric. Notes also great.

Novelynnda on Death and Taxes

Detailed explanation and each topic with real life situations/scenarios.

Elisha on Simply Stylish

Very thorough and informative and personalised.

Nicole on Simply Stylish

What I liked most. Everything, learnt a lot about lots of different things.


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