Wine Appreciation

This course will give you an overview of all the basic concepts in appreciating wines. By tasting each wine, you will develop your palate so that you will be able to identify and enjoy both overseas and Australian wines. There will be extra costs for the wines.

Westfield Penrith Weekend on Sunday Weekends

Beginning 4/11/2018 from 9:00:00 to 15:00:00

for 1 Day


Topics Covered include:

Introduction to course - what is wine Wine styles and tasting procedures Faults in wine - food and wine Sparkling wines and tasting Fortified wines and tasting Australian wines and regions - tasting Overseas wines and regions Final practical and theory test

Course Outcome

At the completion of this course students will be able to describe the styles and tasting factors in Wines.

On the first session bring

Pen - Wines / cheese cost will be divided between students approx $30 each.

and purchase during the course

Wear warm clothing in Autumn and Winter as classrooms can get quite cold.

Special Issues To Note

Workshop, no concessions




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