Job mapping and quality contacts for Jobseekers


Developing your role in the world of work in four sessions. Using position criteria, work through an example of matching the position including learning goals for you. Research relevant information, and with assistance locate and list helpful industry and career websites. Match job requirements to gain knowledge, skills, and interpersonal abilities map. Use of your own requirements, job selection criteria and a word list to develop the matching process. How to research your own example of the position. Complete a table with your own matched criteria. If there are any gaps list them, key websites to use and find solutions. Create a practical and useful resource and contact list, and knowledge of educational options. Support and evaluation process to reach own position and a learning goal.

Online Penrith on Thursday

Beginning 24/11/2022 from 9:00:00 to 11:00:00

for 4 Weeks

Your training may be subsidised by the NSW Government. Contact the College to confirm your eligibility.

Topics Covered include:

1. Explanation of Mind Map or listing of job Example of mind map or listing Develop of own mind map or listing 2. Share relevant example definition of knowledge skills and interpersonal characteristics. Create their own knowledge, skills, and interpersonal list from the position criteria. 3. Use of word list and previous mind map or list of information to match with job criteria. Arrange matched information in logical order of position criteria. Spell check and edit. List any gaps of knowledge, skills and interpersonal characteristics and education/training. 4. Research relevant websites with position criteria for the contact list. Complete as much detail from session one contacts and new contacts in the workbook. List timeframe and date as required for the contact list to be ready for use.

Course Outcome

Be able to map own knowledge skills and interpersonal characteristics requirements for a position. Writing a job match list using own education and experience for position and learning goals. Research and developing knowledge of industries, helpful websites and resources suitable for contacting positions and learning. Have a useable contact list with names, organisations, emails, and/or phone contacts to find a relevant position and/ or learning goal.

On the first session bring

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Special Issues To Note

Online on Zoom

NCC Code: 84JOBM422



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