Introduction to Shorthand


Learn basic shorthand technique as a basis for developing your own speed and style. Take shorthand notes to suit your needs: office, home, study.

Westfield Penrith on Thursday

Beginning 20/10/2022 from 12:30:00 to 14:30:00

for 6 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. Introduction to Teeline Shorthand a) Basic technique b) Simple Alphabet and Punctuation 2. Combining simple alphabet forms to create words. 3. Theories of intuitive reading Eliminating unnecessary letters 4. Words that can be represented by a single letter or form e.g. 'and', 'point' or 'letter'. Abbreviated forms of common word beginnings and endings e.g. 'under', 'ing', 'ion' or 'nce'. 5. Combining word forms to produce commonly used word groups or phrases e.g. 'It is (the)', 'of the', or 'as well as'. Development of personalised word group forms to meet specific needs of learners, based on the Teeline method. 6. Overview of common words or phrases Revision of prior learning Creating forms to meet needs of learner

Course Outcome

This course will cover: Theory of Shorthand and Technique Teeline Shorthand Alphabet and Punctuation Reduction of Words Word Groupings Common Word Endings Letter Blends Common Words Building Other Words Outcomes will depend heavily on practice undertaken outside of face-to-face learning. For this reason, the provided resource includes 'homework' activities for learners to complete in their own time. Note: This course does not include a speed test, although a guide for learners to test themselves will be provided.

On the first session bring

A fine point pen or clutch pencil A lined, spiral bound A5 notebook

Items to be purchased during the course

Refill/replacement pens, pencils, notebook if required

Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 84INTA422



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