Spanish : Beginners 2


This course is suitable for those wishing to continue and develop their basic knowledge and increase their vocabulary in the Spanish language.We will focus on speaking, listening, writing and reading skills including grammar that are appropriate for the situation. It is recommended that you have access to a bilingual dictionary.

Katoomba Centre on Friday

Beginning 29/7/2022 from 9:30:00 to 11:30:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. -Student Presentation -Getting to know each other -Names, last name, Example, my names is -Greetings: Good Afternoon etc. 2. -Names of each day of the week -Names of the month -Writing sentences -Learning the importance of basic Spanish and pronunciation 3. - What are Personal pronouns? How do we use these in everyday life - What are proper nouns? - What are común nouns? 4. -Pronunciation of the Spanish Alphabet - Spanish letters 5. -What is a verb? -The importance of a verb in a conversation, -writing and reading verbs 6. - The correct use of verbs - The importance of a verb in a conversation - Grammar, Reading and writing verbs 7. -The importance of comprehension - Comprehension of a Magazine , a Newspaper and cookbook. 8. -Using Basic words -Using Spanish phrases in a Spanish country.

Course Outcome

Learning the Spanish language in class will help students gain confidence in reading skills, writing and speaking.

On the first session bring

Exercise book, Pen or Pencil.

Items to be purchased during the course

Colourful pencils, dictionary - English -Spanish, other materials depending on the topic. $10

Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 25SPAM322



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