Italian : Beginners


If you are interested in learning how to speak Italian in a friendly environment and from the comfort of your home, you are more then welcome to join Italian Beginners group. You will learn about basic speaking, writing and reading skills which will help you build a foundation for all the future classes.

Online Penrith on Friday

Beginning 29/7/2022 from 14:30:00 to 16:30:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. - Introduction to Italian language - Greetings and phrases: What is your name? / My name is ... / Greetings - Essere and Avere 2. - Introduction to Italian language - Formal Italian phrases and expressions - Comparison of informal and formal phrases 3. - Introduction phrases - Pronunciation rules - Alphabet 4. - Numbers - Asking for a phone number - Asking for address - Responding to the questions 5. - New phrases: How are you? - Answering the question - Negation 6. - Nationalities - Asking for someone's nationality and answering the question - Verb "parlare" and "fare" 7. - Numbers from 20 to 100 - Asking someone for their age and answering the question - Verb "stare" 8. - Definite and Indefinite articles - Revision of the content studied during the course through different written and verbal activities.

Course Outcome

On completion of the course, students should be able to form simple sentences and have basic reading and writing skills as well as to introduce themselves and ask and answer simple questions.

On the first session bring

- Laptop - Notebook and a pen - Any material that might be provided by the tutor prior or during the class Online - Classes will be held online via Zoom. - The students are kindly asked to use desktop PC or laptop in order to be able to receive all the necessary material and follow the classes easier.

Items to be purchased during the course

The content of the course is mostly based on Nuovo Espresso 1 (Luciana Ziglio, GIovanna Rizzo), but the students are not obliged to buy the book.

Special Issues To Note

Online on Zoom

NCC Code: 25ITBM322



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