French : Beginners 2


This course is designed to make you feel part of a group which want to continue to discover new learning experiences in a friendly atmosphere. Your participation will be the necessary contribution for you to guarantee your motivation to learn. The results will reward you to progress to new knowledge with a desired objective.

Katoomba Centre on Tuesday

Beginning 26/7/2022 from 14:15:00 to 16:15:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. Students will learn how to introduce themselves in French, the alphabet letters and their pronunciation, accents, articles, nouns and gender, numbers between 1 to 20 and personal pronouns. 2. Practising formal and informal pronouns, using gender in nouns, conjugating the verbs to be and to have, introduction of adjectives , numbers between 20 and 60 3. Students will be familiarised with feminine and masculine plurals for nouns and adjectives. 4. Speaking activities working of family trees 5. Familiarisation with what is belong to whom and the human body 6. Written activity of different verbs 7. Students will learn how to get to a specific place and how to get around Students will be able to exchange information 8. Learning how to say the time memorising numbers

Course Outcome

Students will have a personal perception of French in the interconnected world. They will be less embarrassed to try to speak another language and less anxious to learn something different.

On the first session bring

A pen and an exercise book $5.00

Items to be purchased during the course


Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 22FREA322



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