Chinese : Mandarin Beginners 2


Continue to benefit by learning how to access and communicate with Chinese people, to make friends, gain cultural insight, create better business opportunities and boost your CV. The course will include many must-learn basic terms, most commonly used phrases, and daily conversations.

Westfield Penrith on Tuesday

Beginning 26/7/2022 from 19:00:00 to 21:00:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. Introductions. Overview of the course content and then simple introduction or revision of the pronunciation if the participants had learned them. 2. This session will learn the pronouns and the terms for you to introduce yourself. Learn the family terms at the end of this session. 3. Revision of the last session and learn nationality. This session will learn the cities and suburbs you are familiar with in Chinese. 4. Revision of the nationality. Introducing numbers 1 to 100 and the days of the week. 5. Introducing colours in Chinese. This session will enhance the participants to say the favourite things you like to do. And distinguish the using of "like to" and "would like to" in Chinese. 6. Revision of colours. Learn some terms of Chinese foods and drinks. Introducing some special Chinese food. 7. Revision of the last topic. Learn some vegetables and goods you may need in your daily life. if there is possible to arrange an excursion of a shopping in the Chinese or Asian grocery shop. 8. Finishing of the terms of daily necessities. Conclude all the sessions background and put them into practice.

Course Outcome

Students will be very keen on and confident to speak Mandarin to Chinese people with simple phrases. They will also understand how to pronounce it through the pinyin with alphabets, speak some simple conversations with Chinese people and continue to learn Chinese in their future extended learning.

On the first session bring

pen, note pad.

Items to be purchased during the course


Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 82CHIE322



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