Pronunciation and Digital Literacy


Pronunciation and Digital ICTICT102 Operate word-processing applications ICTICT101 Operate a personal computer

Westfield Penrith on Monday

Beginning 8/2/2021 from 9:00:00 to 11:30:00

for 8 Weeks

$0 Your training may be subsidised by the NSW Government. Contact the College to check your eligibility.

** This Course is Nationally Recognised Accredited Training. See the Description for the Units of Competency included **

Topics Covered include:

Students will practice pronunciation of long and short vowels, as well as words containing silent letters Students will learn and practice Australian English pronunciation and slang Will also learn about the 'schwa' in English Students will learn and practice words including final-s, th, and endings that influence stress (ie. -graphy: photo - photography) Students will learn and practice difficult words and tongue twisters in English Students will learn about the difference between a homophone, homograph & homonym Students will learn and practice common Australian expressions (comparing them with UK and US English) Students will learn and practice where to use intonation (when asking questions/ making expressions) and learn about how meaning can change depending on tone/intonation Students will learn and practice commonly mispronounced words and use them in context Will also practice word endings that may cause errors (ie. -tion, -ain, -ed, -es, ture)

Course Outcome

Learners will exit the program with improved pronunciation and better understanding of how to use digital programs

On the first session bring

Good English language knowledge

Items to be purchased during the course


Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 81PROM121



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