English : Beginner Spoken English


This course is for students from non-English speaking backgrounds who would like to practice speaking English. We will focus on basic vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. FSKOCM001 Participate in highly familiar spoken exchanges

Westfield Penrith on Thursday

Beginning 11/2/2021 from 11:15:00 to 13:15:00

for 8 Weeks

$0 Your training may be subsidised by the NSW Government. Contact the College to check your eligibility.

** This Course is Nationally Recognised Accredited Training. See the Description for the Units of Competency included **

Topics Covered include:

Identify type of spoken exchange Identify audience of exchange and purpose Identify formulaic expressions and personally relevant details required for spoken exchange Use oral communication strategies to participate in exchange Recognise and use basic non-verbal communication methods Seek feedback from expert or mentor to identify areas for improvement Identify areas for improvement Communication strategies

Course Outcome

Learners will exit the program with the ability to communicate using everyday English as well as gain the confidence to integrate into Australian society

On the first session bring

Items to be purchased during the course

Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 84ENGM121



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