Product Demonstration for the Web

Delivering a product demonstration for clear and concise communication

Katoomba Centre on Tuesday Mornings

Beginning 23/10/2018 from 14:30:00 to 17:30:00

for 6 weeks


Topics Covered include:

Begin with concept writing, team building & visual analysis Narrative & visual grammar. Shooting product Intro to video editing Tecchniques in planning and placement of voice-over Record voice-overs & place into the timeline Add music/efx to mix down then add titles /graphics & export

Course Outcome

Learn how pictures go together to show a product at its best and explore the.....

On the first session bring

Notebook and pen, USB memory stick (approximately four gigabytes of higher)

and purchase during the course

USB memory stick (approximately four gigabytes of higher)

Special Issues To Note




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