Communication, Boundaries and Managing Conflict


These workshops are designed to assist participants with the challenges and pitfalls of communicating at work or home. Participants will learn strategies to express themselves constructively, set boundaries and reduce conflict. Skills will include empathic-listening, verbal and non-verbal communications styles, asking for change and setting boundaries.

Westfield Penrith on Thursday

Beginning 25/8/2022 from 10:00:00 to 12:00:00

for 4 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

. Introductory activity Baggage - what we bring Goals, guidelines and statistics What could go wrong? Blockers . Theories on communication styles Questionnaire - what's my style? R.E.A.L. communication and empathy . Non verbal communication and active listening skills Assertive, passive and aggressive communication Helpful and unhelpful responses . Setting boundaries Managing conflict Cultural nuances Communication - own skills - reflection and review

Course Outcome

The student will have gained knowledge of communication styles, and learned skills for effective interactions at work or home.

On the first session bring


Items to be purchased during the course


Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 84COBM322



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