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The Computer Beginners course has been created for people with limited or poor basic knowledge of computers and MS Word. Participants need to have access to a computer either at home or at the library. During the course you will complete accredited units from the Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology which enable participants to get familiar with terminology relating to personal computers (PCs), Windows and MS Office, gain basic knowledge in using PCs and MS Word to create digital documents and create an email address and safely search Internet for information. Participating in Computer Beginners course will give you more knowledge and confidence in using this digital device. ICTICT101 Operate a personal computer ICTICT102 Operate word-processing applications ICTICT103 Use, communicate and search securely on the internet

Katoomba Centre on Monday

Beginning 8/2/2021 from 11:30:00 to 13:30:00

for 8 Weeks

$195 Your training may be subsidised by the NSW Government. Contact the College to check your eligibility.

** This Course is Nationally Recognised Accredited Training. See the Description for the Units of Competency included **

Topics Covered include:

Adjusting the computer workstation to work safely Introduction to computers and its elements Introduction to Windows Creating folders, naming and saving them, transferring to USB Introduction to MS Word 2010 features and tools Identify MS Word tools and its purpose Produce a simple digital document Using style guides Using basic formatting tools to create a digital document Using MS Word 2010 tools to insert tables and pictures in your previously created digital document Revision of MS Word tools Producing word processed documents using MS Word 2010 tools Getting familiar with Internet terminology and safe use Security concerns and advice in regards to using emails Create an email address and communicate electronically Security concerns and advice in regards to access and use of the Internet How to search for specific topics on the Internet

Course Outcome

Be able to adjust computer workstation to work safely, basic knowledge of handling personal computers, basic knowledge of using MS Word tools to create digital documents able to create an email address and communicate electronically understanding of safe practices in searching the Internet and its terminology.

On the first session bring

Pen, notebook, USB $7

Items to be purchased during the course


Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 21COMM121



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