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Learn how to self-publish your own book, in both printed and electronic formats. Ideal for authors who want their work read but don't want to waste a year or two getting rejected by agents and publishers, or ripped off by vanity press scams! Do you just want to publish your family memoirs or autobiography in a proper, professional quality hardcopy book, either soft or hardback? Only need one copy? Five copies? Just few dozen and your printer wants 500 to make it worthwhile? POD, or print on demand allows anyone to desktop publish and within a few weeks a real, live book will arrive on your doorstep! At the end of this informative, entertaining and fun workshop you could be your own publisher and be waiting for the book to be printed and delivered! Once you know how, you can do it over and over gain. Poetry, travel logs, coffee table photo books, recipe books whatever you fancy. If you want to sell your book then we will also set up with your very own Amazon Author account: sell your book around the word for real income!

Online Penrith on Saturday

Beginning 27/8/2022 from 10:00:00 to 16:00:00

for 1 Day


Topics Covered include:

1. Brief history of publishing and current technology and capabilities for Print On Demand (POD) and desktop publishing and how it has changed the publishing world, book sales and so forth. Discuss the role of aggregators such as Amazon, Lulu, Apply Store, Smash Words. Explain the market for eBooks and printed books and show the process, pros and cons for traditional publishing versus self publishing. 2. How to prepare the manuscript for conversion from an electronic file to a printed book or downloadable eBook. Common issues and requirements are discussed and students will get a chance to self-edit their work or a sample manuscript. 3. Students will be shown two main publishing options; Amazon's Create Space/Kindle publisher and They will also be shown Smash words (eBook only) and discuss the pros and cons of each. 4. Students will learn the four things that sell a book; Author, Cover Art, Title and Blurb. Cover art ideas will be discussed, as also titles and blurbs, forewords, etc. Students will learn where to obtain royalty free images for their cover art. There is also instruction on ISBN numbers and what they actually do, legal requirements, copyright and so forth. Note this is only a 'lip service' coverage of cover art factors which could be a course of its own. 5. Students will now go through the process of actually publishing their book (if they have a manuscript ready) or publishing a training manuscript. They will combine their newly acquired skills in cover art design and manuscript editing and book formatting to publish a real book. 6. Students discuss the options available for selling content online and as printed text, how to utilise Amazon and other outlets for income generation or whether to publish only for family and friends.

Course Outcome

Each student will learn how to self publish and will have accounts set up they can leverage to publish their own work. If they have a manuscript that is ready for publishing they may also complete the process and publish the book that day.

On the first session bring

A laptop or device with which they can access the internet and transfer word.doc/.pdf files. A basic understanding of the internet, email, online shopping etc. This course is NOT suitable for anyone who doesn't know how to surf the net, send e have a word.doc file of their finished manuscript if they wish to publish on the day but arrangements can be made for students to meet again later and publish their work under supervision.mails etc. Ideally they will

Items to be purchased during the course

Students should be aware that publishing a book in eBook or print format costs nothing but to obtain a hard copy of the printed book will cost about $20 including postage for 1 copy, all costs being clearly explained and available for consideration before any purchase is made. No money is paid to the College or Tutor for the printing and postage of the book. If the studentwishes to publish an edition of their manuscript on the day they must have it in word.doc or word.docx format on a USB stick.

Special Issues To Note

Online on Zoom

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