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This course is for anyone who wants to be a better writer by understanding what writing is all about. Writers will learn about the structure and core of writing and what makes good writing, good writing. Learn the Five Elements of a Story and how to apply them whether you are writing 50 words of flash fiction or a 50,000 word novel. Writers will develop characters, plot, theme and setting while getting to grips with dialogue and pace, titles and endings and lots more. This is a 'hands-on' course with writing exercises every session giving writers the chance to have their work critically assessed in the most friendly and supportive of environments while offering literary friendship to their classmates. At the end of the course each writer will have grown and gained confidence in their ability to write good fiction.

Westfield Penrith on Monday

Beginning 25/7/2022 from 14:00:00 to 16:00:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. 1. Introduction of students and trainer, 'why are you here?' 'What do you like to write?' 2. Narrative type and length- drabbles, flash fiction, short story, novella, novel 3. The Author is Dead - discuss readers and writers and their relationship, for whom are you writing? 4. Flash Fiction Exercise 1 - write a 100 word or less piece on a nominated topic 2. 1. Discuss the elements of a story and suggest five main elements: Character, Setting, Conflict, Plot and Theme. 2. The Story Arc - 3 and 5 Act writing, Campbell's Journey 3. 1. The difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd Person narrative and which should you use? 2. Write a short story in 1st person, then rewrite it in 3rd person. Analyse and discuss 4. 1. What makes good dialogue and how much talking do you need? 2. Write dialogue: practical exercises in writing plausible, natural sounding dialogue. 5. 1. The two main types of character, flat and round/ developed and developing and what this means to the author and the reader. 2. Writing exercise to develop character descriptions and growth. 6. 1. Where do ideas for stories come from? 2. What is Writer's Block and how to overcome it? 3. Organising your story and writing, some suggestions. 7. 1. Discuss the various genre of writing and develop personal preferences. 2. Writing exercise - write a short piece in your favourite genre, your least favourite and a chosen genre. 8. 1. How do you end your story? 2. Happy or sad ending; why does it make a difference? 3. How ended should it be? Leaving room for sequels. 4. Writing exercise; write a story ending.

Course Outcome

A sense of confidence and competence that you now understand the process of literary creation and know what makes a good story and you are raring to start writing!

On the first session bring

Writing device such as a laptop or tablet, paper and pen for note taking, any examples of their own writing.

Items to be purchased during the course


Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 81WRIA322



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