Learn to play the ukulele in a fun and laid back setting. We'll learn basic chords and melodies each week and play them together in a group.

Stormer Music on Wednesday

Beginning 27/7/2022 from 14:00:00 to 15:00:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. Introduction to the ukulele: How the instrument works, strings, tuning, holding the ukulele etc. (Generally we'll learn a new chord, and new song and maybe a new melody every lesson building up a song list to play together as a group each week. Usually we sing as a group however this may not be permissible due to covid concerns). 2. Reading chord diagrams. Playing a song with 2 chords. 3. Leaning a song with 3 chords, learning some basic minor chords. 4. Understanding strumming patterns, time signatures & strumming on and off the beat. 5. Learning a I-IV-V chord progression and how to adept it to different keys. Grouping chords into 'families'. Learning a song with four chords. 6. How to read and write ukulele tabs. Notating musical duration, rests, crotchets, quavers etc 7. Together we'll play some basic melodies and ultimately combine them with chords for two part playing. 8. Performing a simple 12 bar blues. Playing a Hawaiian ukulele song.

Course Outcome

Students will learn basic chords and melodies and perform them in groups. Great for connecting with others and participating in fun music making. You'll pick up tips and tricks on finding ukulele resources, sourcing songs, adapting them to beginners and some basic instrumental maintenance skills.

On the first session bring

Pad of paper and A4 display folder You will need your own ukulele for this course

Items to be purchased during the course

Most of the materials will be supplied.

Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 83UKUA322



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