African Drums - Beginner


Our African drumming workshops allow you to know and 'feel' the rhythms through a variety of powerful techniques that support the many varied ways we all learn. You'll build confidence whilst exploring the fundamentals of: good groove, technique, etiquette, phrasing, listening & dynamics. African rhythms feel great to play!

Stormer Music on Friday

Beginning 29/7/2022 from 14:00:00 to 15:00:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. About drumming 2. Learn about different techniques 3. Good groove, technique, etiquette, phrasing, listening & dynamics. 4. Learn About ranges 5. Playing the drums 6. Playing the drums 7. Playing the drums 8. Playing the drums

Course Outcome

Participants will be able to play the African Drums with confidence.

On the first session bring

Items to be purchased during the course

Special Issues To Note

No Concessions

NCC Code: 85AFRA322



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