Wine Workshop and its Appreciation


Do you enjoy tasting great wines with family and friends. In this program you will receive introductory instructions, in learning what are the differences between varies wines...( Pinot Noir ) and ( Pinot Gris ) Learn how Red,White and Sparkling wines are made. Discover how to taste and evaluate different types and styles of wine What varieties grow best in varies regions of Australia?. Learn about the Australian wine judging system Come along and and enjoy the basics of choosing the right wine to complement food

Westfield Penrith Weekend on Sunday

Beginning 28/2/2021 from 9:00:00 to 15:00:00

for 1 Day


Topics Covered include:

The history of wine and explore wine culture in Australia Seeing, swirling, sniffing, sipping, savouring. What wine terms mean including “full bodied “, “crisp”, “length" , “balance “ and “finish “ How climate, altitude, weather patterns and other factors play a critical role in shaping a wine’s flavour and quality The difference between wine fermented in stainless steel tanks and oak barrels. Each wine’s unique characteristics and to strengthen your ability to compare it to other wines and grape varieties. Opening and serving sparking wines

Course Outcome

At the completion of this workshop, student will have better appreciation and understanding of how Wine and Food complement each other

On the first session bring

Make sure you bring a Pen or Pencil on the Day

Items to be purchased during the course


Special Issues To Note

Workshop, no concessions

NCC Code: 97WI2W121



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