The Art of Fruit & Vegetable Carving


Regardless of its origins, vegetable carving is flaunted in many different Asian restaurants, cruises, hotels, and other various places. The products of vegetable carving are generally flowers or birds; however, the only limit is one’s imagination. The techniques of vegetable carving vary from person to person, as does the final result. Some carvings present more artistic detail, while others have simple, yet beautiful shapes. Vegetable carving is generally used as a garnish, but it can also be used as a unique way of gift presentation for any occasion. (Additional cost for ingredients)

Westfield Penrith on Wednesday

Beginning 27/7/2022 from 19:00:00 to 21:00:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. Ideas and designs 2. Flowers or birds etc 3. Details and designs 4. Gift Ideas

Course Outcome

Participants will learn how to design and present their carved fruit and vegetables.

On the first session bring

Items to be purchased during the course

Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 83THEE322



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