Photography : Introduction to DSLR


This course is designed to take the mystery away from how to use a digital SLR. The course will take a look at some of the basic technical aspects of using a DSLR will help the course participants learn how to progress their photography passion beyond the boundaries of the course material. Auto mode be gone.

Westfield Penrith on Monday

Beginning 25/7/2022 from 18:00:00 to 20:00:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. Introductions. Overview of the course content and then commence looking at the body of the camera and all the buttons and switches. The first night will begin looking at FOCUSing. 2. We have to finish off Focusing from session 1 and then begin looking at Exposure, that takes about 3 sessions of the course. This session will look at the first of 3 elements of the exposure pyramid/triangle called ISO 3. Finishing off the principles of ISO we start looking at aperture and how it applies to taking photos and how it relates to ISO settings. 4. Finishing off aperture work and start looking at shutter speed. The last of the exposure pyramid. 5. We finish the work on shutter speed with a fun exercise taking photos of a tennis ball being dropped into a bucket of water. This excercise demonstrates the exposure work and reveals some exciting concepts in photography. We then start on the White Balance settings that is available on the camera and understanding why are there and what they do. 6. Completing the work on white balance and then introducing the class to the importance of light in photography. This session and session 7 will be a two session journey in taking a photo of a candle taking into consideration everything learned in the course so far. There are lots of exercises in week 6 and 7 that allows the attendees to really show off their knowledge. Even with a subject as simple as a candle. 7. Together with the learnings of white balance, the class continues their challenge in taking a photo of a lit candle without losing the romantic ambiance the flame emits - all while using a flash. During session 7 and 8 we also talk about framing and other photographic techniques that will help with the construct of images through the view finder. 8. Learn about how to take photo of food and then depending on participation, eat it as part of end of course celebration. Allergies are factored into this activity. During session 7 and 8 we also talk about framing and other photographic techniques that will help with the construct of images through the view finder.

Course Outcome

Attendees should have more confidence to explore their photography interest. Be confident how to use the basic settings beyond auto mode on their camera. They will also understand how to continue to learn about their craft and camera beyond the timetable of the course.

On the first session bring

DSLR camera and the instruction manual. 2 small colourful (not shiny) props easily carried that are not expensive nor has emotional significance.

Items to be purchased during the course

Depending on their involvement, in week 7 I encourage participants to bring a long a very small inexpensive colourful food plate to use as a photographic subject for week 8 week eight we learn how to photograph the food and then we have a small celebration of the end of the course and eat the spoils

Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 81PHOE322



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