Painting Meditation Workshop


Learn how painting can be relaxing, fun, easy, inspiring and more. Sue will lead you through guided meditations and a sound bath during each session. Did you know painting can be used as meditation to receive all of the same benefits of mediation? Painting for meditation is easier because you are doing something rather than trying not to think. You will be taught a personal painting practice which ensures that anyone can paint, have fun, and receive the stress relieving and health benefits of meditation. Come see how Sue’s method combines meditation, life coaching, personal transformation, and an approach to living that makes every moment sacred. Additional cost for materials.

Online Penrith on Tuesday

Beginning 26/7/2022 from 15:00:00 to 17:00:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. We paint the energy of Freedom 2. We paint the energy of Self-Love 3. We paint the energy of Presence 4. We paint the energy of Abundance 5. We paint the energy of Fearlessness 6. We paint the energy of Clarity 7. We paint the energy of Intuition 8. We paint the energy of Peace 9. We paint the energy of Ease and Grace 10. We paint the energy of Joy

Course Outcome

To understand how easy it is to live a life full of joy and happiness using this simple painting mediation practice.

On the first session bring

16 x 20 in Canvas, Writing Journal Acrylic Paint A set of acrylic paint brushes

Items to be purchased during the course


Special Issues To Note

Online on Zoom

NCC Code: 82PAIA322



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