Art : Intense Drawing


Basic drawing and painting principles ranging from beginners drawing principles through to detailed finished art works worth framing. Art, like most things in life, follows rules. Talent and skill are helpful but not essential. Students will be proud of their works completed by applying the rules taught.

Katoomba Centre on Monday

Beginning 25/7/2022 from 17:00:00 to 19:00:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. Introduction to basic drawing and painting principals 2. Different materials and their rules and procedures 3. Procedures for the use of Pen and Ink in drawing 4. Learning to use Water colour paints, one of the hardest of all the mediums 5. Learning to paint Botanicals 6. Learning to paint with Oil paints 7. Continue with Art project 8. Continue with Art project

Course Outcome

A number of finished art works but also a clear understanding of the rules and procedures that apply to all the materials involved from basic pen and ink works through to water colour paintings (the hardest of all the mediums) and on to Botanical painting and oil paintings.

On the first session bring

Paper, pencils, ink pens (if available), eraser.

Items to be purchased during the course

Depending on their initial kit they should allow say approx. $50 per course for additional material. Will be informed from week to week.

Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 21ARTE322



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