Art : Drawing, Painting and Watercolour


Interested in Arts? In this course you will feel free to express yourself any way you want!

Springwood High School on Monday

Beginning 25/7/2022 from 19:30:00 to 21:30:00

for 8 Weeks


Topics Covered include:

1. Due to a mix of materials, mediums, this course will be treated in an open manner, according to the needs of each student. Choice of subject. Composition. Medium. 2. Discussion of a project for every medium. Starting of the project Choice of medium 3. Projects discussed in depth. Suggestions for the ongoing projects 4. If a student has advanced faster than others, he/she will probably want to start a new project 5. New projects will again be discussed in depth before starting 6. Discuss individually and collectively the proceeding of the projects 7. The final steps will be discussed such as presentation, framing, titles, etc. 8. Evaluation and consideration of all the steps involved on the final outcome

Course Outcome

At the end of 8 weeks, students should be able to face most of the projects they always wanted to do.

On the first session bring

Depending on what the students want to do: Drawing; pencil and paper; Painting; oils, acrylics, watercolours.

Items to be purchased during the course

Because this course is quite open, we will discuss on the first session the needs for further material, individually. Costs will vary with every choice $30

Special Issues To Note

NCC Code: 11ARTE322



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